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Weather and Society Watch
Current Edition - January 2012
Next Edition - July 2012

In This Issue

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I. Introductory Remarks

1 - WSW Special Issue: Socio-Economic Research to Build a Weather Ready Nation - by Jeffrey K. Lazo

I. Guest Editorial

1 - Driving the Future: Improving Driver Safety and Mobility with the Promise of Connected Vehicles - by Sheldon Drobot and Michael Chapman

II. Research

1 - Folk Science: Local Understandings of the Tornado Hazard on April 27, 2011 - by Kimberly E. Klockow and Randy A. Peppler
2 - Communicating Sever Weather to Mobile Stakeholders: Challenges and Future Trends - by Mark A. Casteel and Joe R. Downing
3 - Tornado Warning Communication and Emergency Manager Decision Making - by Cedar League, Brenda Philips, and Ellen J. Bass
4 - Improving Risk Characterizition for NWS Decision Support for Emergency Mangers - by Jessica L. Losego, Kenneth J. Galluppi, Burrell E. Montz, and Catherine F. Smith
5 - An Assessment of the Climate Information Needs of Oklahoma Decision Makers - by Rachel Riley
6 - How K-12 School District and University Officials Anticipated and Responded to National Weather Service Tornado Warnings: Spring 2011 Case Studies - by Amy C. Nichols and Stephanie Hoekstra

III. Highlights

1 - The Use of Innovative Communications to Enhance Weather Information for a Rare Winter Storm in South Texas - by Barry S. Goldsmith, Mike Buchanan, Scott Cordero, and John Metz

IV. News & Announcements

1 - View agenda and outcomes from Weather Ready Nation: A Vital Conversation

V. Conferences & Opportunities

1 - Severe Weather Preparedness Course for Large Venues
2 - Contribute to Weather and Society Watch
3 - Subscribe to Weather and Society Watch

VI. Jobs & Opportunities

1 - Faculty Position in Meteorology - University of Oklahoma
2 - Faculty Position in Atmospheric Science - Stony Brook University

VII. About Weather and Society Watch


IX. Contact Us

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