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Resources for Planning an Integrated Warning Team Workshop
by Emily Laidlaw*

If you've read the articles highlighting the recent Integrated Warning Team (IWT) workshops in Atlanta (p.3) and Grand Forks (p. 6), you may be interested in learning more about the concept of the workshops and possibly even in spearheading a similar workshop in your area. The purpose of (IWT) workshops is to provide a venue to bring together players such as emergency managers, broadcasters, and forecasters in an area and discuss past severe weather events and foster improved communication, relationships, and planning for future severe weather events. The workshops have taken place on municipal levels (e.g. the Omaha, Neb. IWT) and on regional and state levels (e.g. the Kansas IWT).

This article provides a brief list of some resources that may be of help in learning more about the workshops and planning one of your own. Please note that the list was compiled from discussions in the Weather and Society * Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) community and is not exhaustive by any means, and that other resources also exist. This list is intended to serve as a starting reference for those interested in learning more about past workshops and establishing contact with people who have planned past workshops.

IWT Web sites:

Kansas City Integrated Warning Team Workshop Web Page:
Kansas Integrated Warning Team Workshop Web Page:

IWT Summaries and Presentations:

"Fostering Collaboration and Communication with Integrated Warning Team (IWT) Workshops:" Daniel Nietfeld (NWS) and Andy Bailey (NWS).
Kansas City IWT Summary:
April 2010 Weather and Society Webinar - IWT presentations by Integrated Warning Team (IWT) presentations by Andy Bailey, Dan Nietfeld, Chad Omitt, Mike Hudson, and Krissy Scotten:
January 2010 Weather and Society Webinar - IWT Presentation by Dan Nietfeld :

IWT Contacts:

Andy Bailey NWS ( created IWT concept
Mike Hudson NWS ( Kansas City IWT
Chad Omitt NWS ( Kansas IWT
Daniel Dix Weather Channel ( Atlanta IWT
Daniel Nietfeld NWS ( Omaha IWT
Peter Rogers NWS ( Grand Forks IWT

*Emily Laidlaw ( is an Associate Scientist for the Societal Impacts Program (SIP) at the National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) and organizer for SIP's WAS*IS Workshops.

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