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Previous Editions
Use the links below to view a table of contents or access previous editions. Please note that WSW began being published bi-annually rather than quarterly after July 2011.

Volume 6 :  No. 1 (January 2012)

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Volume 3:   No. 4 (July 2009) | No. 3 (April 2009) | No. 2 (January 2009) | No. 1 (October 2008)

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Volume 6
Number 1 - January 20, 2012
Authors Title Keywords Pages
Jeffrey K. Lazo From the Director: WSW Special Issue on Socio-Economic Research to Build a Weather Ready Nation Director, Weather Ready, Socio-Economic 1,2
Sheldon Drobot and Michael Chapman Driving the Future: Improving Driver Safety and Mobility with the Promise of Connected Vehicle Editorial, Driver Safety, Vehicles 3,4
Kimberly E. Klockow and Randy A. Peppler Folk Science: Local Understandings of the Tornado Hazard on April 27, 2011 Tornado, Hazard, Folk Science, April 27 5,6,7
Mark A. Casteel and Joe R. Downing Communicating Severe Weather Trends to Mobile Stakeholders: Challenges and Future Trends Communication, Mobile, Stakeholders 8,9
Cedar League, Brenda Philips, and Ellen J. Bass Tornado Warning Communication and Emergency Manager Decision Making Emergency Manager, Communication, Tornado, Decision Making 10,11,12
Jessica L. Losego, Kenneth J. Galluppi, and Burrell E. Montz Improving Risk Characterization for NWS Decision Support for Emergency Managers Emergency Manger, Risk, Decision Support 13,14,15
Rachel Riley An Assessment of the Climate Information Needs of Oklahoma Decision Makers Climate, Decision Makers, Stakeholders 16,17
Barry Goldsmith, Mike Buchanan, Scott Cordero, and John Metz The Use of Innovative Communications to Enhance Weather Information for a Rare Winter Storm in South Texas Communication, Winter Storm, Texas 18,19,20
Volume 5
Number 4 - July 29, 2011
Authors Title Keywords Pages
Jeffrey K. Lazo Testable Hypotheses and the Societal Impacts Discussion Board Editorial, Discussion 1,2,3,11
Daniel Dix and Jessica Fieux Atlanta Integrated Warning Team Workshop: A WAS*IS Success IWT, Atlanta, WAS*IS 4,5
Peter Rogers and Mark Frazier Red River Devils Lake Integrated Warning Team Workshop IWT, Red River, WAS*IS 6
Jeffrey K. Lazo WSW Methods: The Dillman Method and Mail Survey Research Methods, Survey, Dillman 8,9,10
Emily Laidlaw Resources for Planning an Integrated Warning Team Workshop IWT, Resources 10
Number 3 - April 30, 2011
Authors Title Keywords Pages
Kenny Blumenfeld Six Words That May Confuse You Editorial, National Weather Service 1,2,3,11
Rebecca E. Morss & Olga V. Wilhelmi Extreme Weather and Society: An Integrated Perspective Extreme Weather 4,5
Jeffrey K. Lazo From the Director: Introducing the New WSW Methods Section Director 6
Jeffrey K. Lazo WSW Methods: Cash Incentives in Mail Surveys Methods, Survey, Incentives 7,8
Kim Klockow WSW Book Review: "The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl" Book Review 9,10,12
Number 2 - January 19, 2011
Authors Title Keywords Pages
Margaret "Peggy" LeMone Good Will in Communicating Editorial, Communication, Good Will 3,4
Betsy Wackernagel Bach Working Together to Inform the Public about Weather: Collaboration Between Communication and Weather Related Disciplines Editorial, Communication, Public 5,6,7
Jeff Lazo From the Director: WSW Special Edition on Communication Director, Communication 1,2
Renee Lertzman Does the Weather Make Us Anxious? Reflections on Anxiety, Emotions and Weather Communication, Emotions 8,9
Karen Akerlof Contested Predictions: The Significance of Modeling to Public Climate Debates Communication, Modeling, Climate 10,11,12
Vankita Brown Weathering the Cultural Storm: Recasting the Natural World of Perceived Disaster Commuication, Culture, Disaster 14,15
Number 1 - October 31, 2010
Authors Title Keywords Pages
Kenneth Carey and H. Michael "Mike" Mogil The Future is Now! Making the Most Out of Current Activities and Planned Initiatives to Accelerate the Integration of Social Science Information into Weather Forecasts and Warnings Editorial, Social Science, Integration 1,6,7,8
Heather Lazrus Culture, Weather and Climate: Anthropology's Contributions to Understanding our World Anthropology 2,3,10,11
Miguel López Remembering the 1985 Mameyes Ward Tragedy in Ponce, Puerto Rico: What have we Learned? Mameyes, Puerto Rico, mudslide 4
Jeff Lazo From the Director: Long Term Hurricane Impacts and Perceptions of Risk Hurricane, Impacts, Risk, Director 5,9
Volume 4
Number 4 - July 31, 2010
Authors Title Keywords Pages
Karen Freberg Live, Breathe, and Check in with the Weather: How to Share the Weather with the Online Community through Geolocation-based Applications and Social Media Social Media 1,6,7,8
Randy Peppler Fieldwork in Indian Country: A Conversational Experience Human Geography 2,3,10,11
David Letson An Economic Postcard from Sunny (So Far) Miami: June 1, 2010 Economics 4,5
Number 3 - April 30, 2010
Sheldon Drobot,
Michael Chapman,
Paul Pisano,
William Mahoney,
Benjamin McKeever
Aware Today, Alive Tomorrow 1,10,11
Greg Dobson Using Geospatial Visualization to Facilitate Weather and Water Communication 2,8,9
Megan Bolter,
Tom Behler
StormReady Comes to the Classroom 3,12
Jeff Lazo From the Director: Forecasting Impacts 4,5
Toni Rosati Data Rescue Saves Lives 6,7
Number 2 - January 15, 2010
Barbara Brown Forecast evaluation: No longer just Root-Mean-Squared Error 1,12,13
David J. Gochis,
David N. Yates,
Wei Yu
Developing flash flood prediction tools for the Front Range Flash Flood, Front Range, Colorado 2,11
Tanja Fransen Cold Advisory for Newborn Livestock: The Stars Aligned 3,14-16
Jeff Lazo From the Director: Do improved forecasts save lives? 4,5
Bill Mahoney Strategies for Engaging End Users to Optimize Weather Product Utility 6,7,10
Ilan Kelman Review of The Fire Dogs of Climate Change: An Inspirational Call to Action Book Review 8,9
Number 1 - October 30, 2009
Daniel Nietfeld Station Scientists: Overcoming the Boundaries Between Meteorological and Societal Impacts Research 1,6,7
Tom Behler Can You See What I'm Saying? Some Thoughts on a Modified Basic SKYWARN Training Program for the Blind 2,8-11
Wendy Pearson Water and Society: Integrated Studies of Water Resource Challenges 3
Jeff Lazo From the Director: What Are Social Sciences? 4,5,12

Volume 3
Number 4 - July 29, 2009
Nate Johnson Just Talking About the Weather - Social Networks and the Weather Enterprise 1,6,7
Kimberly E. Klockow,
Randy A. Peppler
Decision Making and Risk: Traveling to the 2007 AMS Annual Meeting 2,8,10,11,14
Ildikó Dobi,
Gábor Kis-Kovács
Using Wind Tunnels for Calibration: Costs and Benefits 3,9
Gina M.Eosco Perspectives on Communication: A Self-Ethnography on the Importance of Communication Research to the Weather Community 4,5,12,13
Number 3 - April 30, 2009
Jeff Lazo Celebrating Five Years of Societal Impacts Success Editorial, 5 Years of SIP 1,6,7
Kevin M. Simmons
Daniel Sutter
False Alarms, Close Calls, and Tornado Warning Verification Records Tornado, False Alarm Ratio (FAR), Warning Verification, Credibility 2,12,13
Zoran Vakula Business Planning & Weather: Case in Point from Croatia Croatia, Business, Sales Models, Climate 3,9,14
Alan E. Stewart Psychological Perspectives on Weather and Society Research Psychology, Weather Salience, Survey 4,5
Jeff Lazo Review of Colorado Weather Almanac Book Review, Colorado Weather Almanac 11,15
Emily Laidlaw What Language Are You Speaking? Societal Impacts Discussion Board, Defining Societal Impacts 15
Number 2 - January 9, 2009
Jack Hayes Social Sciences Improve NWS's Ability to Protect Lives Editorial, NWS, WAS*IS 1,11
Dusan Hrcek Strengthening Hydrometeorological Services in Southeastern Europe Vulnerability, NMH, Southeastern Europe, World Bank Project 2,12
Sonia Quiroga Economic Benefits of Meteorological Information: Two Case Studies Economics, Case Studies, Sofia Meeting 3,13,14
Thomas Behler Theoretical Perspectives in Modern Sociology as Useful Tools for Meteorological, Hydrological, and Societal Impacts Work Sociology, Social Perspectives, Hurricane Katrina 4,5,15
Jeff Lazo From the Director: These are difficult times Economics, Jane Lubchenco, WAS*IS 6
Ilan Kelman Don't Forget the People Vulnerability, Warning Systems 7,14
Number 1 - October 30, 2008
Bob Ryan Forecasts and Decisions: The Missing Link Editorial, Decision Making, Evacuations, Forecast Communication 1,7,11
John M. Lanicci
James D. Ramsay
Integrating Environmental Security and Societal Impacts Research Environmental Security, Policymaking, Climate Change 2,8,9
Thomas Behler Bringing a Sociological Worldview to Weather and Society*Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) Work WAS*IS, Sociology 3,9,11
Jeff Lazo From the Director: Diverse Global Perspectives Enhance Our Work From the Director, Madrid Conference, NMHS, Economics 4,10

Volume 2
Number 4 - July 30, 2008
Paul Pisano Weather and Traffic: Integrating the Right Information Editorial, Transportation, Traffic, Weather Information 1,11
Kathleen Sherman-Morris Paws and Click: Disaster Preparedness Information on Animal Welfare Web Sites Pets, Evacuations, Study, Natural Hazards, Hurricane Katrina 2,8,9
Larry Mooney,
Eve Gruntfest
A Perspective on the Importance of Social Science to the Nation's Natural Disaster Warning System NWS History, End Users, Training, Hurricane, Flash Flood, Communicating Uncertainty 3,10,13
Jeff Lazo From the Director: On Philosophy and Meteorology From the Director, Philosophy, Ethics 4,14,15
Marcus Walter Connecting Weather and Society: My transition to Grad School Graduate School Programs 5
Daniel Sutter Review of The Weather Channel: The Improbable Rise of a Media Phenomenon Book Review, The Weather Channel 6,7
Number 3 - April 25, 2008
Jacques Descurieux How Important is Knowledge Management for Meteorology? Editorial, Knowledge Management, Weather Forecasts 1,8
Kevin Barjenbruch Societal Impacts Analysis Featured in Super Tuesday Tornado Outbreak Service Assessment Tornado, Super Tuesday, Service Assessment, Interviews 2,7,9
Amanda Graning WAS*IS in Practice: Forecast Impacts During the Blizzards of March 1, 2007 WAS*IS, Blizzard, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Winter Weather 3,8
Jeff Lazo From the Director: Integrating Social Science Theory into Hydrometeorology From the Director, SIP, WAS*IS, Hydrometeorology, Social Theory, Social Science 4,11
Heather Lazrus Minding the Gap: Social Science Research on a Pacific Atoll and Weather Risk Communication in the United States WAS*IS, Anthropology, Tuvalu 5,11
Carlie Lawson Review of Weather, Climate, Culture Weather, Climate, Culture; Book Review, Climate Change, Anthropology 6
Ashley Coles Review of Weather, Climate, Culture Weather, Climate, Culture; Book Review, Climate Change, Anthropology 7
Number 2 - January 18, 2008
Rick Anthes Weather, Climate, and Four Societies Editorial, Cuba, Climate Change 1,12,13
Haleh Kootval,
Donald Wilhite
Societal and Economic Applications and Benefits of Public Weather Services NMHS, WMO, Madrid Conference 2,14
Julie Demuth,
Rebecca Morss,
Jeff Lazo
Communicating Uncertainty in Weather Forecasts to Benefit Users Uncertainty, Forecasting, Survey 3,13
Andrea Bleistein One Step Closer to Integrating Social Science and Meteorology: NWS WAS*IS Alumni Meet for the First Time WAS*IS 4
David Rogers Health and Climate, Weather Scientists Now Working Together Health, Climate, Climate Change, Medicine, Weather Forecasting, Epidemic Prevention 5,15
Sheldon Drobot,
Mark Anderson,
Robert Oglesby
Disappearing Sea Ice and Weather-Related Consequences Arctic Sea Ice 6
Andrea Schumacher After WAS*IS Ecstasy, the Laundry: One Atmospheric Scientist's Experience WAS*IS, Interdisciplinary Research 7
Ken Lerner Review of Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, and the Battle over Global Warming DVD Review, Storm World, Climate Change, Hurricanes 8
Kate Eschelbacch Review of Storm World: Hurricanes, Politics, and the Battle over Global Warming DVD Review, Storm World, Climate Change, Hurricanes 9
Jeff Lazo From the Director: Is There a Future for Public Weather Services? From the Director 10,15
Emily Laidlaw Readers Share Thoughts through Satisfaction Survey Reader Survey 11
Number 1 - October 26, 2007
Eve Gruntfest,
Cedar League
Incorporating IMPACTS into Your Research, the Right Way! Editorial, Online Resources 1,7
Ernest Ostuno Life and Death Decisions in the Path of a Violent Tornado Tornado, Interview, Grand Rapids, Michigan, Fatalities, Decision Making 2,11
Jeff Lazo From the Director: A Visit to Obninsk, Russia From the Director, Economics 3
Nathaniel Bushek How Much Does a Natural Disaster Really Cost? Damage Estimates, FEMA, NCDC, Storm Data, Statistics 4,8,9
Ilan Kelman Scientific Outreach for Scientific Advocacy Scientific Outreach, Media 5,6
Ilan Kelman Simple Tips for Interacting with the Media Scientific Outreach, Media 6

Volume 1
Number 4 - July 20, 2007
Michael H. Glantz USABLE Science vs. Usable SCIENCE: Choose Your Emphasis Editorial, Funding, NSF 1,6
Vincent T. Wood Impact of Severe Weather on People with Hearing Loss Severe Weather, Deaf, Hearing Loss, Emergency Weather Information 2,7,11
Jeff Lazo From the Director: Thank You! From the Director
Havidán Rodríguez, Jenniffer Santos, William Donner, and Walter Diaz Science, Technology and Disasters: Integrating End-User Needs CASA, Emergency Managers, Decision Making 4,9
Donna J. Kain Evaluating the Effectiveness of Storm-related Risk and Emergency Communication Decision Making, Hurricane, Risk Communication, Emergency Communication, Interviews 5,8
Number 3 - April 20, 2007
Raymond Ban Moving toward Symbiosis between Physical and Social Sciences Editorial 1,7,11
Mark S. Roulston,
Todd R. Kaplan
Testing User Understanding of Forecast Uncertainty Information in the Experimental Economics Laboratory Ensemble Forecasting, Uncertainty, Decision Making 2,11
Stu Ostro What Are Societal Impacts? Reexamining a Common Phrase Defining Societal Impacts 3
Ilan Kelman Weather-Related Disaster Diplomacy Disaster Diplomacy, Cuba 4,9
Ashley Coles Perhaps Our Science Is Really Only as Good as Society's Willingness to Use It: A response to Weather and Society Watch's January editorial William H. Hooke, Response to Editorial, Editorial 5,8
Jeffrey K. Lazo From the Director: A Perspective on Better Integrating Atmospheric and Social Science From the Director, Research funding, THORPEX, CASA 6,7
Emily Laidlaw Weather Impacts Information: More Accessible Than You Think! SOCASP, Weather impacts Information, Database 8
Number 2 - January 10, 2007
William H. Hooke Our Science is Only as Good as Society's Ability to Use It Editorial 1,8,9
J. Anthony Stallins,
Mace L. Bentley
Urban Cloud-to-Ground Lightning Enhancement in Atlanta, Georgia, and its Relevance to Urban Weather Hazards Lightning, Climate Change, Urbanization, Climatology 2,11
Jeffery K. Lazo From the Director: Integrating Societal Impacts Research and Applications with Weather From the Director, THORPEX, CASA 3
Daniel Sutter The Fujita Scale and Societal Vulnerability to Tornadoes Tornado, Damage, Urbanization, SPC, Vulnerability 4,5
Eve Gruntfest,
Charles Benight,
Mary Hayden,
Sheldon Drobot,
Lindsey Barnes,
David Schultz,
Julie Demuth
The Warning Project: Toward Improved Understanding of Warnings for Short-Fuse Weather Events The Warning Project, Survey, Trauma, Flash Flood, Tornado, Warnings 6,7
Emily Laidlaw Extreme Weather Statistics at Your Fingertips Extreme Weather Sourcebook, Statistics 8
Ilan Kelman Review of Marshall Frech's The Water's Edge Book Review, The Water's Edge, Vulnerability, Flood 9
Number 1 - October 20, 2006
Roger A. Pielke Jr. Watch This Space Editorial, Extreme Weather Sourcebook, Societal Aspects of Weather, SIP, WAS*IS 1
Jeffery K. Lazo From the Director: Issuing the First Weather and Society Watch From the Director 2
Julie Demuth WAS*IS Changes Culture WAS*IS 2,3
Ilan Kelman Focus on Research: Framework for Weather-Related Fatalities Research Fatalities, Vulnerability 4
Emily Laidlaw Information Resources Make a Move Extreme Weather Sourcebook, Societal Aspects of Weather, WeatherZine, WxSoc 5
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