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Economic & Other Societal Impacts Related to Hurricanes, Floods, Tornadoes, Lightning, & Other Weather Phenomena

Tornadoes 1950 - 2009 (Sources)

While tornadoes occur frequently throughout the United States, their distribution across years and states is uneven.  Some states report significant tornado damages nearly every year, while other states experience significant tornado damages as rare events. For this reason, we present tornado damages as total losses for the years 1950-2009, rather than average annual losses, with all values adjusted to 2009 dollars.  It is important to note that as the wealth of those affected by tornadoes increases, the potential for significant damage also increases.  Therefore, the “Total Wealth Adjusted Damages” column represents total damages had the affected populations been living at 2009 wealth levels. Links to more information on adjustment methods, appropriate interpretation, and original data sources can be found on the Data & Methodology page.

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