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North American THORPEX Societal and Economic Research and Applications (NAT SERA) Workshop
August 14–16, 2006
Boulder, Colorado

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The North American THORPEX Societal and Economic Research and Applications (NAT SERA) workshop was held August 14-16, 2006 in Boulder, Colorado.

The objective of the NAT SERA effort is to develop a social science research agenda for the Societal and Economic Research and Applications (SERA) component of North American THORPEX.

Workshop discussions focused around four themes:

  1. predicting hazardous weather impacts and communicating uncertainty;
  2. user-relevant verification;
  3. the use and economic value of forecasts in decision making; and
  4. developing decision support systems and applications.

Prior to the workshop, a discussion paper was solicited for each of the four themes.  Three cross-cutting themes were also addressed: defining high-impact weather forecasts, framing use and value of weather forecasts, and transferring benefits to developing countries

In conjunction with other components of the THORPEX program, this agenda will help set priorities and guide social science-physical science interdisciplinary research related to 1-to-14 day high-impact weather forecasts. A summary paper and report present recommendations for potential research to be funded by appropriate agencies and organizations.

The workshop was funded by a grant from the NCAR Opportunity Fund, with additional support from the THORPEX International Program Office and other contributions.