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Important Announcement - June 2012

We are pleased to announce that our Weather and Society*Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) website is up and running in its entirety, after previously having been shut down due to external funding issues. To learn more, see our WAS*IS News page.

Weather and Society*Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) is a grassroots movement that is changing the weather enterprise by integrating social science into meteorological research and practice in comprehensive and sustained ways.

As of August 2011, the WAS*IS mission has empowered 276 practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders around the world to build new relationships and to use new tools and concepts for more effective socio-economic applications and evaluations of weather information and products.

By emphasizing the importance of developing a life-long cohort, as well as learning social-science tools and concepts, WAS*ISers address societal impacts in real and sustained ways and are changing the culture from what WAS to what IS the future of integrated weather studies.


The Societal Impacts Program hosted the Summer 2011 Weather and Society * Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) workshop August 4-12, 2011, in Boulder, Colorado. It was the tenth-ever WAS*IS workshop. For more details about the workshop, please click here.
We are always looking for contributors to the Weather and Society Watch newsletter and for the Weather and Society webinar series. Please contact Jeff Lazo at if you are interested.
The Societal Impacts Program Summer Weather and Society Webinar was held Tuesday, June 14, 2011. Dr. Jeff Lazo, the director of the Societal Impacts Program at the National Center for Atmospheric Research gave a talk entitled, “Inundation or Ignorance? Public Perception of Storm Surge Risk.” To view and listen to this webinar or past webinars, please click here.



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