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The Weather and Society * Integrated Studies (WAS*IS) compendium was developed as a complement to the WAS*IS workshops from a coordinated set of research projects by WAS*IS participants and was funded with a grant from the NCAR Weather and Climate Impacts Assessment Science (WCIAS) Program. The WAS*IS compendium highlights successful integrations of social science and weather and climate, as well as collaborations among physical and social scientists, practitioners, and stakeholders. It aims to meet the increasingly interdisciplinary needs of the weather and climate enterprise (i.e., the public, private, and academic sectors), and we expect that the compendium may be used in diverse ways, such as in undergraduate and graduate level courses (e.g., in seminar courses), as a reference for researchers and practitioners, and even to inspire a new generation of WAS*ISers.

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Chapter 2: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Forecast Communication by Karen Pennesi

Chapter 3: Seasonal Climate Forecasts and Agricultural Risk Management: The social lives of applied climate technologies by Todd Crane et al

Chapter 4: Decision making by Austin, Texas, Residents in Hypothetical Tornado Situations by David M. Schultz et al

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