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WAS*IS Evaluation

During the summer of 2008, SIP conducted a formal evaluation of WAS*IS by surveying all past WAS*IS workshop participants. The two main goals of the evaluation were: (1) to evaluate the WAS*IS program, including efforts to date in achieving the vision and mission of WAS*IS; and (2) to get input on the future directions of WAS*IS. Based on these two goals, a survey with open- and close-ended questions was developed, pretested, and revised. The final survey was implemented via the Internet in July-August 2008. Access to the web survey was controlled by an independent survey company; only past workshop participants were invited to respond to the survey, and they could only respond once. A total of 124 of the 171 WAS*IS participants completed the survey, for an overall response rate of 73%. To view a copy of the complete survey, as well as a summary of the results, please click on the links below.

WAS*IS Evaluation Report

WAS*IS Evaluation Survey

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