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Vision, Mission and Goals


To change the weather enterprise by comprehensively and sustainably integrating social science into meteorological research and practice


To establish a framework for (a) building an interdisciplinary community of practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders--from the grassroots up--who are dedicated to the integration of meteorology and social science, and (b) providing this community with a means to learn about and further examine ideas, methods, and examples related to integrated weather-society work.


Goal 1: Lay the groundwork for conducting interdisciplinary work by learning new strategies and addressing typical challenges.

Goal 2: Teach basic tools and concepts fundamental for conducting integrated weather-society research and applications.

Goal 3: Learn about effective integrated research and applications though real-world examples.

Goal 4: Identify and pursue research, application, and educational opportunities for integrated weather and social science work.

Goal 5: Improve and further facilitate the ongoing relationships among practitioners, researchers, and stakeholders in meteorology and the social sciences.

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