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WAS*IS summer workshops have primarily been supported by NCAR’s Societal Impacts Program (SIP), the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), NOAA’s U.S. Weather Research Program, NCAR’s Integrated Science Program, and UCAR’s Visiting Scientist Program.

Support for the WAS*IS Caribbean workshop was provided by NCAR's Research Applications Laboratory and NOAA.

Support for the Norman WAS*IS workshop was provided by the University of Oklahoma (OU) Vice President for Research, OU College of Atmospheric and Geographic Sciences, OU Institute for Communication Research, OU Sasaki Institute, NOAA National Severe Storm Laboratory Colloquium Series, OU Department of Geography, OU Center for Spatial Analysis, and the OU Center for Applied Social Research.

Support for the Australia WAS*IS is provided by SIP, the Monash University Monash Sustainability Institute and ARC Network for Earth System Science, the Australian Government Bureau of Meteorology, and Emergency Management Australia.

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